#STARe- SelfUnbound version. An invitation for online co-creation.

#STARe-SelfUnbound version


with the support of
CoResist, IJAD Dance Company, Saovento Fazenda Criativa.
In this “solo-non solo” I am exploring the concept of the body as a live archive embedded in a constant flux of transformation: can dance reveal more dimensional layers contained within the present moment? How can this process shift our paradigm of time and space?
Through a process of tracking of felt sensations and microshifts of weight, embodied creative movement practice, vocal sounding, humming and drawing, I will  engage in this investigation  through a series of interactive rehearsals streamed online and culminating with a

The Final Live Performance has been live streamed from Rich Mix in London on the 21st November  5.30 pm (gmt+1).

It is still possible to watch it and comment on it following  the link:


The original soundscape is composed by DENSO.


An invitation for the feedback session :

                 How does the digital live experience affects the work that is co-created?

Can creativity and social media rewire our sense of individual and collective self and trigger an expansion of perceived boundaries?

When does our shared sense of reality start to become real?

Who is the creator?

The resources from the scores utilized in the making of the piece came from other practitioners whose research have inspired and supported my practice: Barbara Dilley (Contemplative Dance Practice), Chloe Goodchild (The Naked Voice),Rosanna Irvine (Perception Frames), Rosemary Butcher, Pauline Oliveros (Deep Listening Scores), Lisa Nelson (Tuning Scores).


Here you can find the Past Live Steamings and Tasks Archive that contributed in the making of the piece:

How do we share subtle sensations through the camera? How can we engage in a empathic relationship between who is watching and who is performing?
Friday 27th October (3.30 pm)live streaming from CoResist, Bristol
Question: When does the rational stop and imagination begins? How does our inner song influence the way we move and communicate with one another?
#Task 1 for the Audience: Take some time before coming to the rehearsal room ,close your eyes..hum to yourself your favourite song. Then open your eyes and follow where their gaze takes you.What do you notice?…Observe what draws your attention
Question: What happens in the suspension between stillness and movement?
Wednesday 1st of November 10.45 am (live streaming from Turin)#Task 2….Close your eyes, focus on your breathing: Notice how your eyes open and close in relationship to the rhythm of your in breath and out breath…Pause….How does this shift your perception of the space surrounding your body?
Question:How does external sound influence they way we move?  Can we hear with our skin?
Friday 3rd of November 10.45 am (GMT+1) #Task 3:From stillness…eyes closed…listen to the sounds around you in space..allow your hands to move response to them and have a little dance. 
Question: Can we share our memories through dancing the traces of their sensations in our bodies? How does our way of communicating shift in this dialogue?Does our body show us a different map of time?
6th November (Mon) 2.30-3.15 pm (GMT+1)
#Task 4 : Think of a recent memorable moment…allow your fingertips to move and tell a story about that memory with no words….
 8th (wed) 11.00-11.15am
(solo practice)Humming of a memory..Think of a specific moment in time and space, choose a detail that strikes you about this memory. ‘Hum’ the sensation it gives you and let your whole body resonate to the melody that it generates….Pause and listen to the surrounding sounds in the present moment…
10th (Fri)10.30-10.45am
Still working on #Task 5:
New key themes: Expansive attention (Kaprow) experiencing change through different timescales, opening counter forms of attention…..to be continued in the next streaming, as a further spatialization of meaning.
Monday 13th 2.30 pm (GMT+1)
Still working on #Task 5, in conversation with Daniela Pagani.
How do we experience change when embodying an inner journey that expands the quality of our attention field to new layers of dimensionalities?…in this live streaming I am interested in exploring the potential of performance to help us participate in counter forms of attention shifting our quality of communication.
Saturday 18th , 3 pm (GMT+1)
from London:
“All sequences are cumulative. Their “frames” derive signif-icance from juxtaposition. They establish memory—of the preceding frame, of the course of events”.
#Task 6: What does ‘final composition’ mean to you?When you think compositionally how do you design your strategies to pick images and sounds that give you a sense of wholeness or completeness ?