Research Into the Unknown-The Void 2011


RESEARCH INTO THE UNKNOWN – improvisational laboratory / autumn 2011
Improvisation in dance and other artforms, and its relation to awareness and perception of performer and audience
Artist-in-residence program in Budapest, Hungary
With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union and DÉPARTS
Organized by Workshop Foundation/H (coordinator), Original idea of Michaela Hargitay/A (curator)
Artistic coach: Eszter Gál/H

In ‘The Void’ performance project research project, I experimented with ways to break from stillness into movement improvisation. I was inspired by the definition that quantum physics gives of the void, ‘as a place of absolute potentiality where life and death happen so fast that we cannot perceive it’ . Together with musician Bolcso Balint we devised different strategies to create a void, in music and movement. Artists from different disciplines joined us in the process.

We found that the theme opened up a great space for communication between different art forms,dealing with element of chaos, time, potentiality and freedom.

This process has been documented online on a weekly blog with comments by the audience and collaborators.


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