Embrace Project 2012

Embrace Performance Project.


What is an embrace for you? Can you remember your last embrace?

In this performance we investigate an embrace and its resonance, as a memory as an energetic form, as a symbol of unity.

As our bodies remember past embraces, embrace a new present,  a new connection with space is established. 

photo by Tilly May

Text from the performance research: 'Two bodies going through their own stories in the same space.At the same time, same journey, but separated.Randomly they then find each other in space.Their embrace happens by chance.Where they unconsciously looking for each other after all? who knows,but what matters is that their embrace is what finally holds the space toghether.A Space Embrace'

photo courtesy by Tilly May

performers: Rebecca D’Andrea, Eva Martino, Nicolle Vieira.

concept and choreography: Rebecca D’Andrea

research documentation: Katie Hall

Berlin, Space K77, September 2012, as part of P.O.R.C.H. Ponderosa final performances.

Bristol, Circomedia , November 2012, as part of Testing Grounds Platform.

Commentary notes:

In this performance we start by researching our own individual paths related to a memory of an embrace, moving onto looking for different ways of ’embracing’ the space around us . When we finally feel that this task has come to a resolution somehow, we wake up to the present moment, and start perceiving each other’s presence in space.

As we move we look for one another with our eyes closed..wandering if a wisdom within the body will lead us to meet in a new way.

When we finally embrace, it seems like the all of the space comes together at once.

The embrace holds the space. The space embraces us within it.”


from:‘Embrace’ Composition (written in collaboration with Katie Hall and people being interviewed)

”and finally when do you spontaneously feel like you could be embracing anyone/anything?

..could it really be anyone?

When I am most full filled and happy cause I feel I am living in the present moment, I don’t need to repress any part of me ..

When I have liberated all my anxieties and thoughts  just by expressing them without attachment to it,

then my heart has space to sing loud and clear.

When I haven’t been afraid to share myself for fear of judgement..when in all of this I played with irony,

then I feel like I can spontaneously embrace anyone…unconditionally

The other day a stranger asked me to hug him as I was passing by in the street and so we did.

I felt we gave each other something, then we simply continued our separate paths..

Shaking hands would have been a bit more formal but still quite a direct way to exchange a quick physical acknowledgement of our existence…in a reality that has lost a lot of touch…with non virtual communication….”




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