Les Etoiles Qui Tombent



August 2015

rehearsal photos by Chiara Bizzarra Giovanelli (www.bizzarra.it)

Les Etoiles Qui Tombent (The Stars that are Falling) is a performance journey that unites different creations within one event in the context of the ‘Chiesa Grande’ of Bussana Vecchia.
The walls of the church are what survived of its structure after an earthquake destroyed most of the village in 1887. As you enter the church you can enjoy the sky view which in August is particularly rich of falling stars.
In the early 1960 the earthquaked and abandoned village became the settlement of the artistic community that restored and brought new life to it, transforming the church in an outdoor art gallery and performance space.

From and idea of Rebecca Marta D’Andrea, it is a choreographic journey through the performative ideas of Jija Sohn Dance Company,Jacopo Della Rocca,Daniela Lusso (Teatro Carillon),Clem Pozzali, Rebecca Marta D’Andrea.
with the support of Bussana Resilient and the inhabitants of the artistic community.


Marc Philipp Gabriel
Cecilia Fernandez
Jija Sohn
Sheila Dutra

Clem Pozzali

Daniela Lusso
Jacopo Della Rocca

Rebecca Marta D’Andrea

Special Thanks To Daniela Mercante, Silvano Manco, Ilario Scagliola e Valeria,Pietro Cecere,Chiara Bizzarra Giovanelli, Pro Bussana Vecchia, Residenze Casa Giampy, Teatro Carillon and all of the community of Bussana Vecchia