photo by Gavin Maxwell


Rebecca Marta D’Andrea is a dance and cross–art artist based between Bristol and Bussana Vecchia International Community of Artists in Italy. Her research has been developed and performed internationally through a number of collaborations and residencies.

She graduated in Choreography at Dartington College of Arts in 2006 with the dissertation ‘The relationship between audience and performer in improvised performance’, after a period of further research into improvisation at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam.

She is interested in investigating the potential of the creative body to enhance the communication between different languages, and as a tool to investigate deeper layers of the process of building and outbuilding of our perception of reality and sense of identity,  as a solo as well as a collective process, part of an overall system of interconnected phenomena in constant transformation.

As well as teaching elements of her own research exploration at Dance Space The Island Studios in Bristol, where she is based and performing in collaboration with artists from other disciplines, she is currently studying an MA in Creative Practice at Independent Dance and Trinity Laban, supported by Gill Clarke bursary, researching strategies into dance composition and improvisation through a somatic approach to movement.

During the years she collaborated with musicians and visual artists (Movimento DENSO,Vittorio Demarin aka Formellana, Dani Salton, Tamara Dibs, Maurizio Falcone, Valentina Collura, Thollem McDonas, Bolcso Balint, Greg Balasz, The Just Desserts, Gavin Maxwell, Neil Harbisson, Sara Easby, Chiara Bizzarra Giovanelli), co-created cross-art performances (Moving Sound Ensemble, Hong-La Durata, Kuumba Live Creation, Jiha Sohn, Teatro Carillon,) participated in the research process and performed in the work of other choreographers and directors (H2 Dance Company, Stephania Mylona, Laura Moro, Dragana Bulut, Rosanna Irvine, Freddie Opoku Addaie, Dana Ruttenberg, Ovsyannikova Dance, Andrea Maciel, Teatro Città di Treviso, Teatro Artigiano, Collettivo di Ricerca Teatrale, The Living Collective) and collaborated with theatre companies (Common Wealth Theatre, Rolling Stage, Ass.Cult. Deposito Bagagli, Gruppo ‘Il Gabbiano’).

Past Projects

In 2007 she was artist in residence at Inteatro festival Academy (IFA 07, Villa Nappi, Polverigi ) where she created the video installation ‘You are my Home’, presented as part of the SPLASH section of the Festival.

In 2010 she was a finalist in the professional development programme GD’A Veneto with the solo Disabitata-Dresshead supported by Operatestate Festival, Arteven and Regione Veneto, winner of the Movin’Up 2011 Bursary Scheme.

The solo, through a proprioceptive approach to movement, investigates the potential of subverting the use of an everyday object like a dress, to open a journey into personal and transpersonal subconscious.

In Summer 2011 she was artist in residence at Lago Film Festival, where, in collaboration with Movimento Denso and Dani Salton she created the work ‘Punti di Svista’, a participatory performance where audience members were taken on a one to one journey to re-perceive the areas of the festival through an ‘editing’ of their sensorial experience.

In Autumn 2011 she was selected as artist in residence with the project ‘The Void‘ as part of the ‘Research Into The Unknown’ Improvisation Laboratory In Budapest, organised by Workshop Foundation, supported by Departs and Hungarian Minister of Culture, researching in collaboration with local artists, how the quantum physics definition of the term could be a starting point for improvisation, and presented in a final performance in December 2013 at MU Szinaz.

In February 2012 the solo ‘When’, an elaboration of ‘The Void’ project, was a finalist in the Premio Equilibrio 2012 in Rome.

In 2012 during the residency P.O.R.C.H. Ponderosa Professional Programme (Germany) she developed the project ‘Practice for Embodied Freedom‘, a serie of short experimental performances exploring how internal dynamics within our body-mind can affect the way we connect to one other and our environment, which was presented in Berlin in space K77, and in Bristol as part of Testing Ground Platform with the project ‘Embrace‘.

Since 2012 she has mainly been based in Bristol, where she became more interested towards investigating of how a dance practice could promote a sustainable dialogue within a community. Her movement research focussed on ways into finding strategies to access layers of collective and individual subconscious ‘meaning’ contained by the body, and their possible dialogue with the external environment.

Whilst maintaining a contact with Italy, she organized a series of artistic residencies in the Artistic Community of Bussana Vecchia, where she was born, inviting artists  to research and reflect about the value of their artistic discourse within a community.

She was member of the project Bristol Dance Hub, in collaboration with which she helped setting up a programme of morning classes for professional dancers, where she teaches regularly her Inside Out sessions.

She teaches and performs with Bristol Contact Improvisation, co-creates cross-art improvised performances with Kuumba Live Collective, as well as continuing her personal movement research, elements of which she is currently developing in the movement study: ‘TOTEM Archaeology of Movement’, recently presented in London as final assessment of the  Investigative Practice Module, part of the Ma Creative Practice at Independent Dance and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, mentored by choreographer Rosemary Butcher.

In July 2015 she was artist in residence at Lago Pulsart, of Lago Film Fest, where she worked on the site specific -project ‘Intrecci‘. During the residency she interviewed some of the inhabitants, and gathered memories of ‘significant sensations’ related to specific places, to remap the memorial archive of the old part of the village where the festival takes place every year. These memories where replaced through ‘written tags’ and during the exhibition the audience could add new memories, forming and transforming the path, layering past and present and future memories. Memories where embodied again by its inhabitants in a performance. In collaboration with DENSO an audio file has been produced, gathering interviews and can be listened to accompany a memory walk through the village.

In August 2015 she directed the choreographic project ‘Les Etoiles Qui Tombent’ in Bussana Vecchia International Village of Artists in Collaboration with Jija Sohn’s dance company and Teatro Carillon.

In 2016 she developed the work Tracing Invisible Identities as part of the Independent Project of her MA  studies, together with dancers Yuiming Wong and Natalie Claire Ridge, and in collaboration with soundartist Daniel Cioccoloni.

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