Inside Out and more… Dance Classes

IMG_9648DSC01431 photos by Martina Rosa (Lago Film Fest 2015), and Chiara Bizzarra Giovanelli (Les Etoiles Qui Tombeant 2015)                   

”Every day, and each moment, we must rebuild the world; we must rebuild ground and space.”

(Hubert Godard)

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Gavin Maxwell ©2013


Ongoing Somatic Based Dance Classes in Italy and Uk.

Classes will be lead in collaboration with the collective Arcadia PAn-k Ensemble (Turin)

Next Sessions: 6-7-8 July 2018.

10 am -12 pm class.

3-5 pm improvisation sessions.

July 2018, Bussana Vecchia Community of Artists, Sanremo (IM), Liguria.

This somatic based movement class, explores different strategies into body awareness and their role in generating movement material, moving and being moved through improvisational scores in the process of constantly re-discovering, reinventing and re imagining the meeting of our inner and outer landscapes. 

Drawing inspiration from a variety of somatic based movement practices, we will explore the creativity contained in the liminal places of our attention, to liberate the flow of invisible collective creative intelligence that connects us all.
The class is open to people with previous experience of movement /meditation practices, or with a genuine interest towards the body.

Questions of Embodiment

                       STARe by Rebecca Marta D’Andrea, photographed by Chiara Bizzara Giovanelli, Clem Teatro, August 2017.

Questions of Embodiment

One Day Dance Improvisation Workshop with Jackie Adkins & Rebecca Marta D’Andrea
Saturday 29th September 2018
2-6 pm

Poplar Union Theatre, London.

Explore new ways to experience your body in time and space in this afternoon workshop with two experienced teacher/dancers.
Rebecca will use improvisational scores to explore the role of perception in shaping and being shaped by our environment, while Jackie’s focus will be a detailed investigation of our skeletal anatomy as a way of accessing to greater freedom in movement.
Suitable for people with some movement experience.


Cost: £40 (35)
Bookings: Jackie or Rebecca


photo by Juan Simonin during Margins 2017, Saovento Fazenda Criativa.

Liminal Body

                                                                (dates tbc)February 2019

Mogiquiçaba, Belmonte, Bahia.
February 2019 part of Bexba.

Liminal Body: Creative Explorations of Movement and Imagination



Memories of Being..
original photo by Xuga Azevedo
relaborated by Rebecca Marta D’Andrea

Body as Archive

”Breath and Gravity. In an apparent stillness I observe the micro shifts of movement. In between this oscillation I detect a key for change. Reading my structural relationship with the surroundings through breath, I meet a sense of source. In this gap: an original molecular force that keeps me alive, an essential thread line, reveals the unifying principle that defined the core of my identity as I entered this reality, my original narrative, which has a rhythm and a shape. The core of this essential song, made by the encounter of two different rhythms, is stored in the core of my vertebrae..”

During this residential workshop in the beautiful context of the natural coast of Bahia, we will be exploring the permeable limits of our sense of self, exploring the relationship between stillness and the movement through our dancing body engaged in a process of rediscovering and reorienting its archive of memories through a somatic practice, accessing a transformational place of understanding part of a wider system of coordination. Through  a series of contemplative practices to awaken and attune to the senses, focusing on the relationship between breathing, the gravity field and our perception of the present moment, we will explore movement to release the  “self that moves,” in an encounter with a symbolic self and its permeability in space time, using the technique of Contact Improvisation as a way to explore the ‘archives’ of our body mind as a transformational place.

For bookings fill form at the end of the page!


from Margins part of BEXBA 2017, Saovento Fazenda Criativa. Foto Juan Simonin.

Come and explore!



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