Disabitata Dresshead 2010

Disabitata-Dresshead (Finalist Gd’A Veneto Prize 2010)


in collaboration with Movimento Denso

with the support of Operaestate Festival, ArteVen and Regione Veneto, Mosaico danza,Cantieri Culturali,

Stalker Teatro and Ass.Culturale Deposito Bagagli.



In Disabitata/Dresshead I worked with a dress, investigating narratives emerging from subverting its use.

I chose this object for its connection to self image and identity and as it can be perceived as an outside layer of the body.

The movement material evolves around the attempt of the body to find the correct use of the dress.

By looking for a solution it gives birth to surreal images and movement qualities through which the perfomer arrives to a final resolution: wearing the dress inside/out. The music of the piece has been devised in collaboration and it adds new layers of narrative to the overall action.

I worked intuitively, allowing narratives to emerge first from the body and then from imagination and space design.


foto Adriano Boscato, Andrea Macchia.

Full version:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-86-etACTA


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