Interactive Performances and Collaborations


2011 PuntidiSvista , Lago Film Festival Residency, July, Lago (TV).

Video /PhotographicDocumentation by
Movimento Denso and Daniela Salton.

2009 Hong-La durata, Push Art Festival , Vicenza

In collaboration with Alessandro Fiorin Damiani , Daniel Douglas

Thollem/D’Andrea Impro Tour 2012/2015

A project exploring the dialogue between dance and music unscored improvisations

Extract@ Bobanella studios : music improvisation in dance and music

Extract@Apriti Sesamo, Bussana Vecchia (Im) , April 2015

Formellana/D’Andrea  Video works 2005/2012

video project in collaboration with musician/visual artist Formellana

2012 Glimpse (first experiement)

in collaboration with Formellana

Double you

Music videos in collaboration with music duo The Just Desserts (2010)

Ammutinamenti festival Danza Urbana 2010

Confabulazioni, Improvised dialogues between Dance and Music (2009)

Music & Dance dialogues in collaboration with musician Daniel Douglas

Bristol Fusion Dance Collaboration 2008


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