Bexba, residential workshop in Brasil January 2014


Saovento Fazenda Criativa – BRASIL and DEPOSITO BAGAGLI Cultural Association – ITALY – invite to:

A series of activities in contact with nature for all those who wish to explore dance, drawing and music languages in a performative and therapeutic realm, aiming to flourish intuition, give life to new emotions, be in harmony with natural environment and dialogue with different cultures

DYNAMIC CREATIVE TRAINING – Loredana Manfre – artist playwright performer
INSIDEOUT – Rebecca D’Andrea – choreographer performer
CRIATURGIA – OTilia Françoso – psychotherapist criaturga performer
PORTRAIT IN DRAWING – Giampi D’Andrea – sculptor draftsman portraitist
BODYGRAPHICS – Ricardo Woo – ceramist painter draftsman performer

Marcelo Bottini – percussionist luthier
Macim Soares – music therapist
Claudio Montuori – music performer

Weekly Agenda:
From 6 to 12 or 13 to 19 or 20 a 26, January 2014
Registration until December 15th – 25 vacancies per week

Place: Fazenda Saovento – Mogiquiçaba – Belmonte – Bahia
facebook : Faz Saovento

Prices and detailed agenda at:
Bahia – cel. 0055 73 91232302 – 0055 73 99909438
São Paulo – ce.l 011 991812219 email:


1. Saovento Fazenda Criativa – BRASIL e Associação Cultural DEPOSITO BAGAGLI – ITALIA
vous invitent à:
Intensif d’ activités en contact avec la nature pour tous ceux qui desirent éxplorer les languages de la dance, dessin et musique au niveau performatique et térapeutique, avec l’ intention de liberer l’ intuition, de faire naitre de nouvelles émotions, entrer en harmonie avec le milieu naturel et dialoguer avec différentes cultures.

TRAINING DINAMICO CREATIVO – Loredana Manfrè -actrice dramaturgienne performer
INSIDEOUT – Rebecca D’Andrea – coreographe performer
CRIATURGIA – OTilia Françoso – psicoterapeute criaturgienne performer
LE PORTRAIT DANS LE DESSIN – Giampi D’Andrea – sculpteur déssinateur portraitiste
CORPOGRAFIA – Ricardo Woo – ceramiste peintre déssinateur performer

Marcelo Bottini – percussioniste luthier
Macim Soares – musico terapeute
Claudio Montuori – musicien performer

Programation hebdomadaire :
6 au 12 ou 13 au 19 ou 20 au 26 Janvier 2014
Inscription jusqu’au 15 decembre – 25 places par semaine

Lieu Fazenda Saovento – Mogiquiçaba – Belmonte – Bahia
facebook : Faz Saovento

Valeurs des inscriptions et programation détaillée :
Bahia – cel.0055 73 91232302 -0055 73 99909438
São Paulo – ce.l 011 991812219 email:


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