Artistic Residencies Casa Giampy in the International Community of Bussana Vecchia


  ‘About art and sustainability….I think an artist can offer a new perspective, an open point of view for a community, revealing new possible ways of interpreting, living and reflecting upon reality. He becomes an agent of change that embodies what goes beyond the realm of ‘ordinary’ or ‘habitual’ allowing imagination, creativity and contemplation to open unlimited possibilities….in this way art is a tool for rediscovering our way of perceiving the world and  gives us the possibility to reinvent it‘.

How does art relate to the context in which it is created and what is the role of the artist in this process?

In 2011 I have decided, with the support of my family, to open up our studio-house in the International Community of Artists of Bussana Vecchia to artists wanting to spend a period of artistic research away from their habitual homes.
We’ve offered the space and with the support of many of the artists living in the community, we’ve encouraged to explore the village and develop a bit of research to be shared with the community in the form of  a workshop, a performance, an installation/exhibition, a talk , a  lecture demonstration or an open creation.The project could be part of an existing process or created ad hoc in the village and should consider how the context had influenced the work.

Events Coming Up:

1st- 10th August 2017.

Spatializing Meaning: A Dance Symposium.
“Spaces is a system of places; a place is a space that is special through the meanings connected with it. When we move, the places become activated and we enter into a dialogue” (Järviluoma 2009).
“How can our relationship to meaning shift as we ‘dance’ the words that compose it?”
Our language is based on coded meaning associations whose structure determines a big part of our perspective and ability to respond  to what matters to us as individuals and as larger communities.
What happens when we dance our words and interact with a multidimensionality of content, allowing the implicit knowledge of our bodies to re arrange new meaning associations?
In these ten days of residency I will be exploring these themes in collaboration with invited visiting artists, as a forum discussion.This time will be mainly a space for research, but events and impromptu performances open to the public might take place as part of the process.

From Clem Pozzali in Les Etoiles Qui Tombeant. August 2015. photo by Chiara Bizzarra Giovanelli.

To know more about it or if you are interested to take part, fill in the contact form :

An Archive from Past Residencies:

Caroline Waters (UK), June 2012

Dance & Performance artist

Creating a dialogue through performance practice
I am always interested in constructing live performance with the people from the location of where I am. Using various improvisation techniques that can be physical, vocal, text, sound, image or object based within various site or contexts; working toward a shared event as an outcome of research explorations. I prefer to work with more of a sense of a laboratory creating an environment to facilitate ideas within a group that arise, as opposed to imposing only my direction. Through the execution of research tasks creating a moment in time that reflects the current thoughts and inspirations of the group.
Part of the outcome would be to create a radio show that would be broadcast on my show Coastal Waters Review on Brighton and Hove Community Radio. The content and structure of which we would decide during the research period.

Gruppo Aquilone , Italy, June 2012


Open Creative Workshops for Children

We have been in residency at Casa Giampy coordinating an educational camp for a group of teenagers attending the clinical centre Aquilone di Alba (TO), an institution which gives support to children/teenagers and adults in vulnerable moments of their lives.The residency has been an experience of community living, to develop awareness and integration of the children in accordance with their creative possibilities and positive employment of leisure time.
Through creative workshops open to all the inhabitants and children of the community, the children had the opportunity to activly engage with the special reality of this peculiar village.
Bussana Vecchia offers the opportunity to live in a protected environment and a positive atmosphere, where it is possible to develop educational projects away from the busy urban life that sometimes can become an element of alienation during the delicate period of adolescence, and where instead its necessary to find adequate space for moments of inward processing.
This has been a very significant experience for the future choices of the participants.

Elena Vecchi & Iano Nicolò Gruppo Aquilone

10647714_10204735182206411_1434850607_nacquilone programme


Jija Sohn &Company (NL/JPN/U.S.) October 2012/October 2013

Dance artist

jijasohn2013jija sohn flyer
I visited Bussana twice for my residency at Casa Giampy. I must say they were special experiences for me. Everyday, something happened spontaneously I didn’t plan a day, I didn’t open my laptop at all because I was busy to be just there by meeting nature and people. The surrounding was super strong. I felt so inspired by the village and the people and this helped me so much in my creation. I also did a little showing at Mario Gallery. To make this happen, Bussana people were helping me so kindly and passionately. People were very curious to what I was making; so many people came to watch the showing and asked me questions until next morning. I was touched by this warm atmosphere.
I was working on my school project (School of New Dance Development in Amsterdam). Both visiting was early process in my creation. In early process, I like to work in nature rather than working at studio in city

About Jija:
Currently, I am a 4th year student at SNDO in Amsterdam. I make dance performance and perform for others such as Ivo Dimchov . My 2nd year piece ‘WE is YOU’ was selected a festival called Its FES in Amsterdam and presented at Frascatti 1 in 2013 (

photos by Terre-Mutanti.


Max Leonard Hitchings(UK) August-September 2014


Multimedia Artist

For his residency at Busanna Vecchia, Hitchings will continue his exploration of the narrative potential of fragmentary objects and phrases, fetishes of abstraction and decay.

Bussana Vecchia seems the perfect place to further investigate decay and creativity not only living side by side but as two parts of a whole – they continue to exist because of eachother – this Shiva-Shakti, Yin-Yang duality interests me. I’m not sure what form my work will take while I’m there, as you know I work with sound, text, performance, sculpture, video, installation etc etc but that gives an idea of my starting point at least!

Max Leonard Hitchings (born 1984) studied Writing with Contemporary Practices at Dartington College of Arts, graduating 2007.
Working across sound, performance, writing, illustration and installation,
He regularly performs live at venues such as Cafe OTO, London (2010); Power Lunches, London (2011 – 2013); Windmill Brixton, London (2011-2013). Recent performances include Tony‡, Power Lunches, London (2012); Jelly Lake‡, Hope & Anchor, London (2012); 1000 special Drawing Rights‡, Chipbuilder’s Noise Lounge, London (2012);Max Leonard Hitchings also curates the Transient Constellations label and events series at numerous venues in

Other artists who took part to the residencies:

Jessie Percival (UK), April 2012

Dance Artist

Masha Slavnova (RU), January 2013

Photography and travels

….other artists recently passing by for periods of short staying and performing:

Sol Ruiz ,singer composer and musician (U.S./Cuba)

Hussy Hicks, music duo, (Australia)

Angelo Abu, illustrator, (Brazil)

Carol Hezberg, permaculture art,Germany.

Laura Moro, dancer and choreographer, Italy.


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