Hamilton House Open Day




The theme of the research for #STARe is an investigation of the multiplicity of informations stored within the present moment..

How does our attentive state shape the set of information we gather from the reality around us?

Can we tap an reshape the set of vibrations we are aligned with or in other words: can we tune in to a deeper quality of attention and reset our paradigms of time and space..?

does it sound complicated?!..:)..ufff some practice might help!

Throughout the next four weeks I will be devising and sharing the research on line and invite you to take part with me in the process!

The first online appointment is Friday the 27th 3.30 pm (GMT+1).
I invite the audience to follow a little task before joining me,

Take some time before coming to the rehearsal room:


Here you are….

Close your eyes..

hum to yourself your favourite song.

Then open your eyes and follow where their gaze takes you.

What do you notice?…

Observe what draws your attention…

see you on Friday!