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Help Us Save Bussana Vecchia!

In the last 60 years Bussana Vecchia has been saved anad rebuild after an earthquake has destroyed the village in 1887. Artists, craftsmen and others has lived and worked in Bussana Vecchia and made it to what is is today, an oasis of creativity an unique place in the world.
The government of Italy and specially the city of Sanremo and Demanio are neglecting the rights of the inhabitants, calling them occupiers, in stead of praising them for the saving of Bussana Vecchia.
Supporting us will help to force the city of Sanremo to recognize the rights of those who, in the last sixty years, have rebuild and brought back life to Bussana Vecchia and that no decision is made for Bussana Vecchia without the active participation of its inhabitants

#Intrecci 2015

In July 2015  I was artist in residence at Lago Pulsart, of Lago Film Fest, where I worked on the site specific -project ‘Intrecci‘. During the residency I have interviewed some of the inhabitants, and gathered memories of ‘significant sensations’ related to specific places, to remap the memorial archive of the old part of the village where the festival takes place every year. These memories where replaced through ‘written tags’ and during the exhibition the audience could add new memories, forming and transforming the path, layering past and present and future memories. Memories where embodied again by its inhabitants in a performance. In collaboration with DENSO an audio file has been produced, gathering interviews and can be listened to accompany a memory walk through the village.